Why I joined the Fathers Guild

I joined the Fathers Guild because I wanted to be a part of my son’s high school experience. I wanted to get to know the parents of my son’s future Friends & classmates, the teachers & the faculty. During my time here, I learned St Anthony’s is filled with great people.

Michael Iglio

joined 2010

I truly enjoy participating at many St. Anthony’s HS events including course selection, freshman communion breakfast, graduation, concerts, and football games. I have been a member since 2010 and continue to enjoy the comradery with fellow dads with whom I share common interests and answering God’s call to serve St. Anthony’s High School.

Carlos H. Garcia

joined 2010

I joined the FG 4 years ago and like many Dads have been an active member as time allows since. My life has been enriched by the many great friends I have made while at the same time as an event volunteer helping SAHS to maintain its stellar reputation. I can truly say I have received back much more than I expected, or have given. I will be renewing in 9-21 with a lifetime membership.

William Whitcomb

joined 2017

Becoming a member of the Father’s Guild has provided me an opportunity to share the in the experience of a special time during my child’s life. Active involvement with the Father’s Guild has enabled me to witness the development of the incredible bond that exemplifies what it is to be part of the Friar Family. To me, it is an opportunity to give back to an institution that has played such an important role in preparing my child for life.

Christopher Barry

joined 2019

I’ve been a Father’s Guild member since 2017. I currently have a Senior and Junior at St. Anthony’s. Being a part of the Father’s Guild has been a great experience. It has allowed me to see and work many of the great events and activities the school has to offer, while seeing my kids participate in these activities and events. One of the greatest moments for me was attending the graduation event. Seeing the smiles on the proud Father’s Guild members on that day, while remembering all the hard work and commitment they have put into the school and their kid’s education was such a memorable moment for me. The Father’s Guild is clearly a family of friends.

David Kirshner

joined 2017

I joined the Father’s Guild when my wife pushed me towards the table on Course Selection Day. I truly became a member when my family attended the Freshman Welcome Mass and Breakfast hosted by the guild. What captivated me was not just that the Dads were able to serve a thousand breakfasts in 20 minutes or that they were able to truly transform the lunchroom. I was impressed by how welcoming everyone was and how clear the camaraderie was amongst the group. In my seven years as a member, I have gotten to know hundreds of Dads and forged great friendships and have memories that will last a lifetime. I also have seen first-hand the positive impact the Guild has on Saint Anthony’s.

Greg Parmentier

joined 2014

I have been a member of the St. Anthony’s Father’s Guild since 2001. Since I was a product of a Franciscan education, I felt it was best for my Son. I was honored to be elected to the Board my second year and Alumni Father of the Year in 2009. In my 20 years I have forged many lasting friendships I like to refer to as my Brothers. Still active and plan to be forever.

Sonny Acevedo

joined 2001

I joined the Father’s Guild as a way to lend a hand and support the school, but it has become so much more. Through Father’s Guild I have gotten to know many of the teachers, Brothers, and staff. I am involved in the school activities, always in-the-loop, and aware of all of the happenings at the school. I have made many valuable business connections, and most of all, I have made some true friends. Friends that will be by my side long after my kids graduate from St. Anthony’s.

Frank Maddalena

joined 2017

Over the years that my children attended St. Anthony’s and long since after, I have enjoyed the brotherhood that has been established within the St. Anthony’s Fathers’ Guild. The friendship and support Fathers’ Guild members offer to ALL the St. Anthony’s families on a regular basis is second to none and not only helps large events run smoothly, it also offers a special, and genuine, camaraderie which embodies the entire St. Anthony’s community.

Bob Mirro

joined 2015

I wanted to stay informed and show interest in my sons high school education, my thought was joining the Fathers’ Guild was a good way to do that. Indeed it is and so much more. The people I’ve met became true friends and I felt true satisfaction and rewarding experience in supporting the school and the students.

Jerry Bassolino

joined 2015
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