Father's Guild 2024 Monday Night Football

Step 1: Buy Your Box

$310.00Buy Your 2024 Season Box

Step 2: Choose Your Box

Visit the contest website to choose your box. When selecting your box, please use the same name and email that you used to buy your box.

  • Cost is $310 per box ($300 + $10 fee).
  • Player buys a box for the entire Monday Night Football season (18 games).
  • Normal 100 Boxes Grid.
  • Each game the entry keeps the same box number, but new numbers are drawn for each game.
  • Deadline: All boxes must be picked and paid for by August 15.
Contest Name: SA Father’s Guild MNF 2024
Commissioner: Sheldon Grant
Password to Join: Favilla

Welcome to the 2024 St. Anthony’s Father’s Guild Monday Night Football Season-Long Boxes Pool.

Each week new numbers will be randomly drawn, but your box number will remain the same. Have questions? Email commissioner Sheldon Grant.

Weekly Prizes

1st qtr. — $150
Halftime — $200
3rd qtr. — $150
Final Score – $330

2024 Monday Night Football Schedule

Week 1: Jets at 49ers
Week 2: Falcons at Eagles
Week 3: Jaguars at Bills
Week 4: Titans at Dolphins
Week 5: Saints at Chiefs
Week 6: Bills at Jets
Week 7: Ravens at Buccaneers
Week 8: Giants at Steelers
Week 9: Buccaneers at Chiefs
Week 10: Dolphins at Rams
Week 11: Texans at Cowboys
Week 12: Ravens at Chargers
Week 13: Browns at Broncos
Week 14: Bengals at Cowboys
Week 15: Bears at Vikings
Week 16: Saints at Packers
Week 17: Lions at 49ers
Week 18: TBD doubleheader

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